Napoli Flashback – 89/90 season: match day 1

This passed Saturday marked the start of the 30th Serie A season since Napoli’s second and last scudetto. The club has been through quite a bit in those 30 years, but we find ourselves probably the closest we’ve been to seeing number 3. In honor of this special anniversary, we will take you down memory lane, covering all the matches and news that surrounded the club at the time. So sit back and enjoy this journey to honor the 1989/90 Italian Champions, SSC Napoli. 

Fresh off their UEFA Cup triumph in 1988/1989, Napoli started the 89/90 season under a new manager, Albertino Bigon. Ottavio Bianchi, the man who led Napoli to their first scudetto ever, the domestic double, and their first taste of major European glory, had decided to call it quits with the partenopei. Conspicuous by his absence for the first match, on the road against Ascoli, was Diego Armando Maradona, who was still in Argentina amidst various controversies. The club tried its best to pry him from South America and back to Naples, but rumors of a row with the Camorra and the rigors of the city weighing him down ran rampant. When asked about the whereabouts of the legendary star, sporting director Luciano Moggi re-assured the Neapolitan public that everything was being done to ensure that a return was imminent. 

The match began rather slow, but a wonderful strike by fullback, Massimo Crippa saw Napoli take the lead on 24 minutes, and never look back. Fernando De Napoli almost made it two later in the half but his brilliant header was saved by Ascoli keeper, Lorieri. Napoli start the season with a victory, securing 2 points on the road. 

Full-Time: Ascoli 0 – 1 Napoli

Match Highlights:

ASCOLI: Lorieri, Destro, Benetti, (46′ Cavaliere), Sabato, Aloisi, Colantuono, Cvetkovic, Carillo, Didone’, (82′ Zaini), Giovannelli, Casagrande.

NAPOLI: Giuliani, Ferrara, Francini, Crippa, Baroni, Renica, Fusi, De Napoli, Zola, (89′ Tarantino), Mauro, (82′ Neri), Carnevale.

Goal: 24’ Crippa (1)

Serie A 1989/90 

Matchday 1 results

Ascoli-Napoli 0-1

Cesena-Milan 0-3

Lazio-Sampdoria 0-2

Atalanta-Verona 1-0

Bari-Fiorentina 1-1

Genoa-Lecce 1-0

Juventus-Bologna 1-1

Udinese-Roma 1-1

Inter-Cremonese 2-1


Inter 2

Atalanta 2

Milan 2

Sampdoria 2

Napoli 2

Genoa 2

Fiorentina 1

Roma 1

Udinese 1

Juventus 1

Bologna 1

Bari 1

Ascoli 0

Lazio 0

Lecce 0

Verona 0

Cremonese 0

Cesena 0

By Raffa Rispo

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