Thank You, Raul Albiol

Dear Raul,

236 Appearances in the Colors of Azzurri, over 20,000 minutes played. You invoked the fighting spirit of Naples with the way you played. From the minute you joined from Real Madrid in 2014, you were one of our natural leaders. You really did almost do it all in Naples.

You won trophies, a Coppa Italia and an Italian Supercoppa. You were a major player in the year we gave it all on the pitch against your former club, Real Madrid. You almost helped guide Napoli to a Scudetto.

You will leave us the 23rd most capped player in Napoli history, and the second most capped Spanish player in Napoli history, only behind fellow 2014 Real Madrid arrival, Jose Callejon.

You were a mentor and catalyst for your CB partner Kalidou Koulibaly, who has already thanked you in not only helping him grow as a footballer, but a man.

Underrated, but certainly not under-appreciated. I am proud to have called you one of our own.

Thank you,

Ken Cioffredi

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