Sempre Says! – Darren Gardner’s Thoughts on ADL v The City of Naples.

Aurelio De Laurentiis, that name as controversial as anything you can think of, his views on our beloved Stadio San Paolo is no secret to anybody, he is on record as branding it “a toilet” numerous times.

The summer of 2018 saw a very enjoyable World Cup take place in Russia, and while that was happening, Aurelio De Laurentiis spent his summer in a feud with the mayor of Naples, Mr. Luigi De Magistris. This feud, which continues, has just got more and more bitter and seems to have escalated on a weekly basis to the point where they are no longer on speaking terms.

While I personally am so grateful to ADL for everything he has done for my beloved club, his feud with De Magistris is, in my opinion hurting the club. De Laurentiis used to have an agreement to lease the San Paolo, but has not done so for for this season, instead renting it on a match by match basis. This  is costing the Roman movie producer, and the club more money, but what he doesn’t seem to grasp is, those prices were then being passed on to  fans who do not deserve to be in the middle of this stupid and ridiculous feud he seems to be obsessed with!

Let me breakdown the price hikes for Napoli VS Fiorentina in 2017:

Posillipo: €40.00
Nisida: €28.00
Distinti: €18.00
Curve: €12.00

Now, tickets to Napoli VS Fiorentina in 2018:
Posillipo: €80.00
Nisida: €70.00
Distinti: €45.00
Curve: €35.00

Fans don’t deserve these ridiculous price hikes and they shouldn’t have them thrown onto them just because ADL and De Magistris want to act like children. Napoli fans spoke with their wallets, as only 20,000 Partenopei faithful came to the San Paolo this weekend.

The club has now brought ticket sales back down for Parma, which can show the strength in numbers for Napoli supporters. The following points still remain important to be said:

I beg of you Mr President, sit down with the Mayor, sort out the problems, either work out a lease for the coming season, find a way to get him to sell you the Stadio San Paolo and refurbish it because we are aware it needs massive work done to it, or get a deal for a new stadium and go through with your promises.  It’s ok for you to keep saying it will happen, but eventually you actually have to follow through with your promises and we are starting to lose patience with these stupid rants against Maurizio Sarri, a man who did such amazing work for us and took us within touching distance of the one thing every Napoli fan dreams of. He took us to Turin and beat Juventus and thoroughly deserved to as well. These constant rants against him are starting to get old and we’re starting to lose patience with it.

Buying Bari was just asking for trouble with a lot of the fanbase who don’t like you anyway, now rumours of buying Hajduk Split would possibly tip those fans over the edge and could destabilise the team with such discontent among the fans and the owner, I will always be so greatful to you but there comes a time ADL when you have to follow through with what you are promising and Mr ADL, that time must be sooner rather than later!!

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