Power Unleashed by Eric Passariello

Power Unleashed

Some athletes evoke a sense of athletic prowess.

A physical raw natural force yearning to be free,

Wrapped in a skin of an elegant symphony.

A sense of calm surrounds such athletes.

Yet there is a vigor that radiates.

Like the feeling one conjures at the sight of a jaguar,

A prize winning thoroughbred,

Or a Lamborghini Miura.

Your eyes widen.

The hairs on your arms perk up, your gaze intensifies,

Knowing at any moment,

This athlete will send every ounce of emotional passion blasting off your couch,

Through your arms and out of your hands

As they reach to the heavens and thank the gods for bestowing this mortal with their power!

He trots onto the pitch, chiseled in form, hair perfect.

The personification of a childhood idol found plastered to every bedroom wall.

The kind of man you envision shaking hands with the city mayor after performing some brave feat.

A real hero in figure and feature.

He pauses to size up his opponent.

Akin to a panther he pounces,

Chasing the defender back, forcing an out pass – neatly cut off by a teammate.

Instinctively our hero bursts forward:

A prized stallion out of the gate, muscles pulsating, legs driving and eyes fixated.

He gathers the ball with a gazelle’s grace, steps left, once, then twice.

A stadium filled with spectators, frozen in the moment.

Their breath held and wondering, will they exude a sigh of dismay or a roar of exhilaration?

He plants his right foot,

Channels his power, and drives through the ball with a thunderous strike!

The goalkeeper dives, arms outstretched;

The net ripples.

The crowd explodes in deafening applause

While the athlete is rewarded by the adulation of his teammates!

His name is Arkadiusz Milik

And he IS Napoli’s striker!

By Eric Passariello

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