Sempre! Interviews – Ciro Girogio of Novara Partenopea

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a passionate Napoli fan while living in northern Italy? I had the pleasure of interviewing Ciro Girogio, a Neapolitan, living in Novara Piedmont. He will take us through his experiences on establishing a Partenopei fan club in the north and what many Napoli faithful’s across the world can expect this season.

Ciro Giorgio, the founder of club Napoli Partenopea Novara, is 49 years old from the historic grounds of Pompeii, which is a beautiful city today enriched with history and culture. He has lived in Novara for 22 years with his family and wife Simona who is also from the Campania region. He has two sons, 14 and 16 years of age, but made it clear that they are born with Napoli in their hearts. Ciro is very passionate about Calcio and sports in general. He currently works in the public transport sector as a coordinator and brings his Neapolitan origins and lifestyle wherever he goes.


  • Ciao Ciro, how did you come up with the brilliant idea of establishing the in the industrial north?

“ L’Associazione Culturale Club Napoli Novara Partenopea was founded in May 2017, from an idea and a feeling that united me and a group of seven friends. Together we have built a legally registered statute whose fundamental points are the love for Campania our homeland and our passionate spirit without pursuing any profit or political purpose, just pure passion for our tradition. A house that gathers the people of Neapolitan roots on the Novara territory.”

  • What is your favorite memories watching Napoli every weekend?

“I have so many beautiful memories related to my Naples, I went to the San Paolo for the first time on my dad’s shoulders at the age of six. Other special moments include the presentation of Maradona at the stadium, the day of the first dreamed Scudetto, and the first time at the stadium with my two children. However, there is one historic moment that will always stay with me: the memory of Sunday in April, Day 29[1990], when Napoli beat Lazio and became the Campione d’italia for the second time in its history. These are emotions and images in my head that I’ll never forget.”

  • Who is your favorite Napoli player to wear the Azzurri shirt past & present?

“My favorite footballer is Diego Maradona, having had the chance and the honor to watch him play live and up close was a great dream for me. In the present, the footballer whom I admire the most is Captain Marek Hamsik, an extraordinary player and a person of rare honesty and fairness, a great example for all of us. I love this player and have been able to shake his hand during the preseason training in Dimaro to thank him for all his love and respect towards the city of Naples and his fans was a great honor.”

  • Have you ever witnessed the Partenopei’s infamous preseason training in Trentino? And how do you vision Napoli with new manager Ancelotti this season?

“I had the luck and the chance to live a week in Dimaro and see my heroes closely, review and greet many friends of the various Napoli club groups around the world and meet many new fans and families. Dimaro and the nearby places are magical, Trentino is a beautiful and hospitable land. You can combine many activities and experiences, from bike to rafting, from walks in the woods to hiking in the mountains, from visit to the Alpine pastures where you can taste local cheeses and salami to breathtaking panoramic views. The overall impression of the team is in my opinion very positive, the squad of players available is of great quality and are led by a great and experienced coach like Carlo Ancelotti who I thought was very enthusiastic and motivated to do well. I believe that this year Napoli will continue to grow and improve”.

  • How is it being a passionate Napoli fan living in the northern Piedmont region?

“Being a fan of Napoli and Campano origins in northern Italy is not easy. Napoli is often represented as a city different from what it actually is, so many lies and malice resist the Neapolitan people to whom I answer always defending their city. This is the true mission of us Neapolitans in the north, to reject the evil and intellectual dishonesty always aimed at discrediting a wonderful city and people who show examples of humanity, always proudly defending our origins. Put it this way, Napoli and Campania is our mother, its citizens are brothers, and Vesuvius is our father” (laughs).



Top Left: Ciro and his two sons celebrating their passion for SSC Napoli.

By: Mark Manganiello

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