Napoli Dimaro Roundup – Week 1

The Carlo Ancelotti era has officially started at Napoli, and it’s brought a lot of excitement to the pre-season training at Dimaro. We are one week in, and it has been a pretty eventful week as well. Let’s go over a few things we’ve learned this week:


  •      Hamsik as Regista – Marek Hamsik has entered this pre-season with a position change. For the 4th time in Hamsik’s Napoli career, he will change his role. Ancelotti has had Marekario learning and honing his skills as a deep-lying playmaker, and time will tell how the captain adjusts and adapts to his new role.
  •      Alex Meret Breaks his Arm –  In his second day of training, after a collision with a teammate, Alex Meret fractured the ulna in his left arm, and will be sidelined 4-6 weeks.
  • Fabian Ruiz is Good – One of the newest Azzurri, Fabian, did not take long to get the crowds on their feet in Dimaro. In their first friendly of this pre-season, Fabian Ruiz did this:fabian goal.gif
  • Formation Hint – In their first friendly, and in training, it seems Napoli will be a bit of a hybrid(Which we expected) of our last formation(4-3-3) and a Carletto blast from the past 4-3-2-1.
  • Diawara the Golden Boy? – Amadou Diawara has started this pre-season absolutely on fire. Ancelotti has also given him personalized training, insinuating that this could officially be the young Guinean-Italian’s time to take a permanent first team role. Then he did this in the first friendly to set up Adam Ounas…



Check in with Sempre next Monday night for the week 2 roundup.


Ken Cioffredi (@K_Cioffredi)

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