Napoli Start New Era with Carlo Ancelotti

Napoli’s season only ended 3 days ago, yet club owner Aurelio De Laurentiis has given Napoli their first off-season signing. This big signing is not a player though….

It’s a new manager, and not any new manager, it’s one with international acclaim. The eyebrow himself, Carlo Ancelotti. Carlo comes to Napoli after a short tenure at Bayern Munich. One that was mired, and called a failure, but a failure that included a Bundesliga title, and two German super-cups.

Ancelotti brings a different level of manager. He has won league titles in France, England, Germany, and Italy. He also has led his teams to 3 Champions League titles.

This decision by Napoli owner comes at the expense of (now) former manager Maurizio Sarri. Sarri has led Napoli to back-to-back record breaking point seasons, and 3 straight UCL group stage births.

Please keep tuned in to Sempre! for more in-depth analysis of Ancelotti, and what he can bring Napoli.

By Ken Cioffredi

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