Sempre! Interviews – Sergio Chesi of Italia

In the next Sempre interview series I had the pleasure of chatting with Sergio Chesi, Vice-director of the Italian edition of Goal Italia, the largest international football portal in the world. He has also has the luxury of following the Napoli squad daily for some years now. I now present him to you:

Ciao Sergio, How did you become a reporter? What do you like most about your job?

As with many of my colleagues, everything comes from the passion for football. For years I have read newspapers, magazines, followed TV broadcasts, until the time when I realized that I would have liked to be among those who had the privilege of telling this sport. The most beautiful aspect is just that: having made one’s passion a job.

What is your favorite Napoli memory?

My first time at the San Paolo was at the end of March in ‘ 94, Napoli-Milan 1-0 with the Goal from di Canino. Of the game I remember little, because my attention was concentrated on other details: The blinding green of the field, the colorful curves, the life that animated the stands and the hostile passion of the Napoli tifosi. Watching the games from home was nothing compared to this.

Your thoughts on Napoli’s season and Sarri?

Overall it was a positive season, the average between a stellar league and a disappointing Cup management. Napoli has tried an all-in from the very high difficulty coefficient and has not really centered it for a short while. I believe that even in the absence of trophies, this championship (like the two previous seasons with Sarri) will be remembered for a long time, because Napoli has expressed a high level kick bringing home important results.

Who is your favorite player and why?

There is a player around which revolves the fate of Naples, which has loaded with great responsibilities and can grow still so much: Lorenzo Insigne. Among those passed from Naples in recent years, which I had the good fortune to follow closely, Edinson Cavani has always given me the feeling of classifying him in another category.

Do you think Naples should have built a new stadium?

For years the San Paolo is an inhospitable stadium, and even dangerous, simply no longer up to par. So yes, no doubt I believe they should build a new one soon.

By Mark Manganiello 

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