Sempre Interview Series- Luca Cerasuolo of Kiss Kiss Napoli

Sempre Interview Series

Luca Cerasuolo


Despite not winning the Scudetto this season, many Napoli fans worldwide are proud of their team who put on a fantastic display of football and set a record for accumulating the most points. The future looks bright for the Partenopei hopeful, which is evident in the never ending passionate support of the club. The coverage that engulfs this team is immense and deserves lots of credit from both the media and fans inside and out of the Stadio San Paolo.

This leads me to introduce Luca Cerasuolo. A social media specialist and local journalist from Kiss Kiss Napoli who covers the club.

Ciao Luca, when did you find your passion to become a journalist? I’ve always wanted to be a reporter. Since I was a child, I recorded all the Napoli games on VHS. I would lower the volume of Tv and I did the news. I was 5 years old and already had an immeasurable passion for this sport (laughs). Then I studied, much, without ever losing sight of my goal. The journalist is a fundamental profession for a country: Journalists are the custodians of truth. Too bad it’s a category often denigrated and downsized by many.

What is your favorite memory of following SSC Napoli? Unfortunately, I am only 26 years old and have not been fortunate enough to live in the golden years of Maradona’s Napoli. My favorite memory is Napoli winning their first trophy, the Coppa Italia, in the modern era. More importantly, Napoli is currently playing at the top of Italy and ranks high across Europe. This is already a memory for me as this club has reached the pinnacle since Maradona.

Who is your favorite player? My favorite Napoli player I loved the most was Gonzalo Higuain. He played tremendously for us, he had the technique, a nose for goal and was the top 3 attackers in blue history. It was too bad the way it ended. To see him leave Napoli for our rivals Juventus was heartbreaking.

Apart from Napoli, there are many players who I love. The strongest footballers that I have witnessed are Ronaldo (the phenomenon), Bautistuta and Ronaldinho.

What are your thoughts on a potential new stadium developing for Napoli? The growth of this club cannot be completed without a modern stadium. Napoli is improving rapidly on most fronts but the infrastructure is lagging behind. I am all in for a new stadium and convinced that ADL will heavily invest in this respect for the next 5 years.

What are your thoughts about this season? This has been the best season for Napoli since Maradona. That being said, Napoli is back to being great again and will improve a lot in the coming years. Achieving the point record is one step away from the winning the title. This brought many people back to the San Paolo and made the city go crazy with joy and ecitment based on the team’s performance. The careful planning, restructuring of the team and obsession of the fans will pay off very soon.

By Mark Manganiello 

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