Sempre! Interviews: Journalist Ludovica Donnarumma

In the next Sempre! interview of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ludovica Donnarumma, who is 24 years old from Torre Annunziata, Naples. She currently works in a law firm and will officially obtain her license to become an official public journalist in the upcoming days. Off to Napoli we go:

What is your favorite memory of being a Napoli fan?

I have been a fan of Napoli since my childhood thanks to my father,a big fan and great sportsman. One of the most beautiful and happy memories was when Napoli got promoted to Serie A in 2007 together with Genoa. There was a great feast at the Marassi stadium and I cried like a little girl (laughs).

How and when did you find your passion for journalism?

At the age of 19 I started to write, managing to match my love for sport and Naples with that of writing. The most beautiful thing is to see that the fans trust your articles and get excited to read what I write.

What was your favorite match you attended at the Stadio San Paolo?

There are many games that I carry in my heart, every time it is an emotion, whether you win or lose! But I remember very well the hat-trick of Cavani against Juve! What a fantastic game that was! I saw a great Napoli live!

How do you feel being a woman covering sports predominated by males?

Being a woman and a sports journalist is amazing. Now there are many girls who deal with football and they do it perfectly well. Sport, in general, has no sex. Luckily I found on my way to becoming a journalist so many intelligent people who have helped me grow in this field of work.

Who is your favorite Napoli player, past and present?

“My favorite player of the past is Gabriel Omar Batistuta! Thanks to the “Re Leone (Lion King)” I really started to love football after watching him! A star.

Today I am fond of Marek Hamsik, a Captain and faithful man. A rarity in this modern era of football!

How did you react to Koulibaly’s late game winning goal against Juventus?

“An emotion too strong to explain! I gave many hugs to all my relatives, including a Juventino relative (laughs)! I thought I had a heart attack!”

Are you by any chance related to Gianluigi Donnarumma, the goalkeeper of Ac Milan?

“Haha, no not that I am aware of”

By Mark Manganiello 

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