Sempre! Weekly News Wrap-up (4/20/18)


  1. Napoli Looking to Negotiate for Empoli CM Rade Krunic: According to tuttocalciomercatoweb, Napoli are already looking for possible replacements in the midfield due to potential rumors of Jorginho leaving this summer. The 24 year-old Bosnian appears to be a young dynamic option given Sarri’s good rapport with his former club. He has been playing well under Empoli in Serie B, registering 3 goals thus far.


2. OFFICIAL- Napoli announce friendly against Liverpool in Dublin, Ireland on August 4th – Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli also confirms that the Azzurri’s preseason training will take place in Dimaro, Trentino between 7-28th July.



3. Hamsik: We are only concentrated on beating Juventus, this is the match of the year!.- “we are only 4 points behind and can win. We showed our personality again and we were able to turn the game around against Udinese. Last night we breathed a little, already from this morning we are focused on the game with Juve. It will be a very important meeting that will significantly influence the end of the season”



4. EX-Napoli Midfielder Ivano Trotta speaks in an exclusive interview with CalcioNapoli24 about his time at Napoli. Here are some of the highlights:

“I perfered playing in Napoli rather than at Juve. It is a place outside the normal. Napoli lives and breathes calcio. In Turin, on the other hand, everything lives in a colder more settled way. And this is the beauty of playing with Napoli shirt. They told me once you play in Napoli and then play elsewhere you will not feel like playing football anymore. And this was true for me, I felt it. Playing with Napoli was the most important choice of my career and my life. I have to go to vacation in Napoli 3-4 times a year or else I get sick (laughs). My son was born there. We feel Neapolitan.



6. Juve-Napoli clash viewing worldwide on all 5 continents with an estimated 1.5 billion watching!

7. IL Mattino: “Arek Milik starting over Mertens will cause more offensive threats against Juve that can exploited through multiple crosses using his Milik’s physicality and in form play”. However, it remains to be seen if Sarri will change formations to include both players and select Mertens for better speed in tight spaces!”

8. Luigi De Magistris: “ADL took over Napoli when no one believed in them. We hope Sarri stays, but it is ultimately up to him. We believe in the Scudetto and a fantastic party to follow”.

9. Director of Marketing and Operations of Ssc Napoli’ Alessandro Formisano: “Nice gesture by ADL during Udinese match. With over 45 thousand fans in attendance, 70% of the sections were sold for 12 euros or less. This gave many tifosi a treat to watch their team for low cost at a crucial moment in the season”. (SkySport 24)

By Mark Manganiello 

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