Reasons To Be Cheerful.

OK Partenopei, let’s not pretend: This is a depressing moment to be a Napoli fan. As gli ragazzi on Sempre! pod spent a good hour ranting about we have gone from a potential 7 point gap at the top to Juve being on course for another bloody Scudetto. In order to help vanquish the demons I’m going to ask you to go on a journey with me via my vote for the best English person of all time: Ian Dury.

Ian Dury was a one-off in the mould of David Bowie, John Lennon and Patti Smith: he made music that only sounded like him and he overcame numerous prejudices and difficulties to become a cultural icon from the 70’s onwards. In 1979, during a European leg of his tour, a roadie was nearly killed due to an electrical malfunction in Rome and the subsequent cancellation left Dury with some time on his hands. Despite the presumably horrific experience of the incident, it inspired him to write Reasons to be Cheerful Part 3 – a stream of consciousness expression of all that made him happy.

So folk, let’s put on the record and do the same with our beloved Napoli. There’s much to celebrate and the recent events in Serie A give us all the more reason to celebrate life.

Koulibaly’s Attempted Wondergoals

Nothing quite beats our man-mountain’s near perfect impressions of Maradona. Near impressions, mind you.


Jorginho Passing the Ball

Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Caravaggio have nothing on our regista’s right foot.

Mertens’ First Touch

If you threw a boulder at Dries’ head, he’d kill it with his first touch and put it in the back of the net.

Hamsik’s First Time Shots

As the football cliché goes, they stay hit.

This Photoshop of Mario Rui’s Face on to the whole of the Napoli squad.

More terrifying than any episode of Black Mirror.


Insigne drinking coffee before matches

Is there anything more Italian in the universe?

A Callejon far post goal.

Why do teams fail to see this coming?

Allan as a Tank


tank that and that


Fearless in the face of extreme danger.


‘Hope’ by George Frederic Watts. Hung at the Tate Britain, London.

I was in a pub with a Liverpool supporting friend of mine in 2005. He was going to go home but I stopped him and, in the words of the legendary England striker Jimmy Greaves, said: ‘it’s a funny old game’. It ended up being a funny old game that night in Istanbul and I have faith that Calcio will remain both old and funny enough to serve some more twists before the end of the season.

The world did it’s best to keep Ian Dury down but he faced it eye to eye with his sense of humour, talent and creativity intact. Let’s do the same and get behind this unique Napoli side’s Scudetto charge.


By Frank Sidekick 

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