Sempre! Flashback: Roberto “Il Pampa” Sosa

Roberto “Il Pampa” Sosa was born on January 24th, 1975 in Santa Rosa Argentina. As many Neapolitans already had their Argentinian love affair before from the glory years of Diego Maradona, he quickly become an exciting fan favorite. Coming from Brescia on a free transfer, from 2004-08, Sosa helped bring Napoli up the ranks from Serie C1 to Serie A in three solid years. He led the team with 8 goals during the 2004-05 season finishing third place and attracting higher attendance rates to the San Paolo. His exquisite attacking play led the number 9 striker to be explosive in front of goal often linking up with his partner in crime, Emanuele Calaio.


Helping to bring his club back into Serie A, Il Pampa score a combined 28 goals during his four year stint in Naples. The Partenopei finished second place in Serie B during the 2006-07 season and were awarded the runners up back into top flight of Italian football. They sat between their archrival Juventus and Genovese brothers, who finished in third. His height and strength on the ball was key to his success as a box-box striker making him a lethal target in front of goal, including an aerial threat similar to Napoli’s later star Edinson Cavani.


Sosa’s love for football and Napoli did not stop there. He decided to take on managerial roles with various clubs throughout the city in the regional league, Eccellenza Campania. He coached his first club in 2014, Sorrento Calcio in Serie D and then moved on to Savoia a season later, taking the Neapolitan club to third place. Il Pampa proved that his successful play on the field could translate into his skills behind the touchlines.

In an interview back in February 2017 with “Il Bello del Calcio” on Canale 21, Sosa expressed his admiration for Sarri and his tactics praising their spectacular style of play, concluding that Napoli was on the right the track to winning the Scudetto in the near future. His words definitely  produced a little luck for the Partenopei this season as they’re currently playing exciting Sarrissimo football, holding on to first place. Another Argentinian great will be cheering them on to the Scudetto.  


By Mark Manganiello

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