Amin Younes – Ajax Winger Set for Fresh Start at Napoli

Earlier today, Napoli seemed to finally get to the end of their winger saga in this transfer window. No, it wasn’t Verdi, or Politano, or Lucas. It was a player Napoli had been linked to on a pre-contract agreement for the summer that they decided to act on immediately. That player is Amin Younes.

Multiple media outlets are pretty confident it is a 5 Million Euro fee agreed by Ajax for the German international Winger, with a yearly salary of 1.3 Million Euros, and a contract through the 2022-23 season.

Younes came to Ajax in the summer of 2015, and had two good campaigns in 15/16 and 16/17 respectively. In those 2 seasons, the 24 year old tallied 16 goals and 23 assists in 87 appearances for the Dutch giants. This season, he has struggled with injuries nagging him, as well as limited space in Ajax’s current set-up.

Younes was also a breakout player in Germany’s 2017 Confederation’s Cup campaign, tallying 2 goals in 5 appearances.

Where Does He Play?

Amin plays predominantly as a Left Winger, making 143 of his 198 appearances at that position. He has dabbled in playing RW and as a Secondary Striker as well, but he seems to be a vice-Insigne in the current Napoli set up.

What Are His Strengths?

Younes’ most prominent strength is his dribbling. He is ab absolute wizard on the ball. He can create spaces from nothing, and has the technical acumen to keep the ball as well. Some of things he can offer include….

or this….


Amin also has a nice bit of pace in his arsenal as well, and that’s a skill Napoli will have in droves with the current winger corps of Insigne, Younes, Ounas, and Callejon.

What are his weaknesses?

Younes seems to struggle in putting all of his talents together into the complete product. He has been known for some key misses, and array shots in his time at Ajax. He also seems to be a player that when un-motivated or un-challenged can have some trouble finding his way.

Bottom Line:

For me, this is good business for both sides. Napoli get some desperately needed depth in the wing position. Younes seems a much better fit to our system than Giaccherini in the same role. At 24 years old, there is still plenty of time and room for growth as well, and given the only 5 Million Euro investment, it’s a low risk, high reward project for Napoli.

For Ajax, it get’s a player off of their books that seemed destined to join Napoli on a free transfer in the summer, and a little bit of cash in the coffers as well.

By Ken Cioffredi 

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