Sempre! Team: Favorite All-Time Hamsik Goals: part 2


Raffa Rispo 

“Marek Hamsik has just scored his 117th goal for Napoli to become Napoli’s all time leading goal scorer, breaking Diego Maradona’s 26 year old record of 115. He’s scored so many iconic goals in la maglia azzurra and if I’m honest, I’ve got about five all time favorites. In being a bit late in writing this mini piece, the higher ranked of my favorites were taken by our great correspondents, which is of no surprise.

After some thought, I chose Hamsik’s goal in the 2011/12 Champions League agaisnt Villareal.  Not only was it a pretty goal from a perfect service in by Ezequiel Lavezzi to a wide open and onside Hamsik who one-timed it home after a small bounce, but because of the run he made and the roar he let out.

The feeling from the jam packed crowd at San Paolo was absolutely electric. This was the first ever Champions League-era goal scored by Napoli at the Stadio San Paolo, and in turn, their first ever victory in Europe’s premier competition. I can remember watching live and as Hamsik ran and roared to the crowd, the cameras followed.

When he stopped the cameras shot over his shoulder, and you can see the mass of people at the barricade and hear the yells and literal screams of jubilation the fans had for their beloved Mohawk wearing superstar. This is a goal that stands out to me when I think of our captain of one I’ll never ever forget.”‘

Ken Cioffredi 

” The goal I’ve chosen isn’t the most meaningful goal our captain has scored, but it was a quintessential Sarrismo goal, and a trademark Hamsik finish.

The goal I’ve chosen is Marek’s goal to secure his first ever hat-trick against Bologna last season. Napoli control play down the left-hand side, Ghoulam pulls the defense out of position, and cuts a beautiful pass to Hamsik about 20 yards out. He makes one burst parallel to the 18-yard box line, and absolutely blasts one past Mirante to the top right corner, sealing a landmark moment in Hamsik’s Napoli career. ” 


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