Sempre! Team: Favorite all time Marek Hamsik goals – Part 1

Recently, our Captain, and club legend, Marek Hamsik, has immortalized himself by passing Diego Maradona’s Napoli goal record. In honor of this, some of the Sempre! team have submitted and written about their favorite Hamsik goals.

Massimo Nuzzo 

“Recently, Marek Hamsik finally broke Diego Maradona’s goal scoring record for Napoli. Il Capitano finally scored his 116th goal for Napoli in a 3-2 win over Sampdoria last Saturday, with his goal being the winner for Napoli. Out of all his goals for Napoli, my favorite is his goal against Juventus in the 2012 Coppa Italia Final. Not only did it secure the win, but it brought us our first piece of silverware since the Maradona Era.”


Frank Sidekick: 

7th October, 2012, v. Udinese, 29th Minute. Assist: Christian Maggio.

“There’s something wonderfully awkward about our captain: on the one hand he is a fearless leader, often surging from box to box and leathering the heck out of the ball on its way to the onion bag, on the other, he is a bespectacled nerd who never looked quite as cool as El Matador. 

This goal against Udinese (a team featuring Allan at the time) encapsulates pure Hamsikness. It is part of a beautiful team move comprised of Napoli legends: a divine backheel from Cavani laid off by Maggio and Hamsik, having bust forward, stumbles over at the key moment, almost as if he was looking for a rogue contact lens. No matter, it goes into the net and queue pandemonium from the team.

2012/13 was a glorious season and Hamsik finished top of the assist charts with 14 – the trio of Cavani, Marekiaro and the ridiculous but occasionally sublime Pandev providing scintillating entertainment. Some of which I witnessed from with some birre in bars in Procida. Glory days.”


Mark Manganiello: 

“In honour of Hamsik surpassing Maradona’s goal record with the Partenopei, I would like to share my favourite goal of all time from the Slovakian. My mind is still thrilled from that game in 2009, which took place on Halloween in Turin. 

Napoli was down 2-0 against Juventus in a heated battle that seemed already lost given the Bianconeri’s style of play. However, Napoli did not give up and continued fighting until the end. Hamsik scored two goals that match to eventually comeback and beat Juventus 3-2. I remember watching this game live with my brother and we jumped out of our seats as Hamsik scored the game-winning goal in the 83rd minute tucking it beautifully in the top right corner. 

This was one of the greatest comebacks that I have witnessed and felt even better to beat our northern rivals. Moreover, this result made it even more special as Hamsik, who would be our future captain and scoring leader, put the dagger in the hearts of the Juventus fans. 

This video clip is by the famous journalist Carlo Alvino from TV Luna (my favourite Napoli channel), who makes this goal that much more exciting and sums up my feelings of joy.”



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