Massimo Nuzzo – “My Love for Napoli”

“How’d you get into Napoli?” is a question I get asked often. The answer, simply put, is because of my dad. The love my dad found for the Partenopei as a kid living in the small town of Rotondi was, fortunately, passed on to me. Whether it was his stories of watching Maradona at the San Paolo, or his descriptions of the celebrations that ensued following Napoli’s first Scudetto victory in the 1986-87, I began to fall in love with the club.

Now, seeing as I’m only 17 my love for Napoli is just starting, and boy has it been a crazy ride so far. A ride that has provided me with amazing memories like getting my first Napoli kit (a fake with Hamšík’s name on the back), the Coppa Italia win in 2014, and almost screaming out loud in the middle of class last year when seeing Insigne score against Real Madrid. However, you know just as well as I do that being a Napoli fan isn’t easy. There have been many times where my heart has been broken by the club.

Times such as: Cavani leaving the club in 2013, our failure to beat Juventus to the title in the 2015-16 season, and, subsequently, Pipita leaving for Juventus that same year. Needless to say, I burned his jersey. But, moving on from my hatred for the uomo di merda (as dubbed by the San Paolo faithful), the sheer joy I get from a Napoli win erases all those hard times.

My love, obsession even, for Napoli has recently opened many doors in my life. It was the love for Napoli that led me to create my Twitter page, which in turn has led to me having the opportunity to write the piece you’re reading now. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to express my love for Napoli at the San Paolo, whether it’s as a fan, journalist, or even a player if my playing dreams come true. Whichever the the three it is, I’ll be screaming Forza Napoli!

By Massimo Nuzzo

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